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Ginny Has a Grunge Band

In many ways, Ginny Wilson seems a typical Millennial.  She’s graduating with thousands in student loan debt.  She’s having trouble finding a job that will allow her to use her education.  She’s waking up to the fact that her social media contacts aren’t really close friends.  And she’s feeling a little humiliated that she has no option but to move back into the family home.

Once there, Ginny finds herself facing an obstacle no one should ever face  –  her new stepdad  is an abuser, and her mother has become too detached and dispirited to stand up for her.

But Ginny has one saving grace – she can really, really sing.  Her voice is powerful, a rare gift.   And music begins to open an unexpected door to her future just when she needs it most.

Her rescuers are unlikely heroes:  Marten and Koos, two hard-rocking Amsterdam musicians who remain devoted to their craft despite no longer having a band.  They rescue Ginny from her job at Cluckytown Chicken and convince her to join them in a new project, a grunge band.