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A daily routine that he can not escape from..

Beat The City

Having faced a terrible loss in his personal life, a man fights against his agoraphobia seeking for liberation through spirituality.

The Very Private Work Of Sister K

Ripples on the Water

After losing his wife and contemplating suicide, Leo has a life-changing encounter with a young man who tries to rob him.

Master Moon

The story of a Korean Seon master who raises a little girl.

Ginny Has a Grunge Band

In many ways, Ginny Wilson seems a typical Millennial.  She’s graduating with thousands in student loan debt.  She’s having trouble finding a job that will allow her to use her education.  She’s waking up to the fact that her social media contacts aren’t really close friends.  And she’s feeling a little humiliated that she has no option but to move back into the family home.

The Chair

An ageing, forgotten chair remembers its more important, and glorious, past.

Summer Park

Produced by: Tommie Curran Jim Cummings Jonny Leahan Emily Yen Samuel Park

Crime Confidential

Crime Confidential’ is a high standard short version of ‘The Departed’ and ‘John Wick’

Tick Tock Clock

Sprint to the past

“Sprint to the past ”- is the debut author's project of Selkin Fedor.    

I’m your Smile

Tame the absence takes time but one gesture can bring back to life

One Buck

Shifting from one pocket to another, from one man's drama to another, a lowly dollar bill, "one buck" takes us on an odyssey through the heart of a forgotten town in Louisiana.


A modern retelling of the Abraham Lincoln story in which a rural Kentucky boy overcomes early childhood tragedy to become a “white hat,” or ethical hacker.  His life gets complicated when he falls in love with a “black hat” hacker artist with a sense of mischief.

In the Wind

Desperate grassroots director Lan Hai and a friend of his named Ouyang, they decided to film a mockumentary.